#40: Digital Government - best practice from Estonia I 36 hours in Tallinn I sleepless with Tony Robbins


Fast & Curious goes international! And why is that? Lea and Verena finally went on their exciting and long-planned adventure to Estonia. But Lea and Verena did not only fly over to drink glögg and enjoy (or not enjoy in Verena’s case) the cold, but to learn about culture and structures. And there’s no better way to do exactly that, than by having a conversation with the former (and first female) Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid. What does a digitalised country look like? Which projects were the driving forces behind the digital status quo? How is the older population brought on board? And what else can we still learn from Estonia? Lea and Verena are not only fascinated by the country’s vivid start-up scene, but also have their loyal listener Lili to thank for it all. Lea and Verena also talk about Lili’s own business Sentou, which focuses not only on supplying intimate care products, but breaking the stigma. And: a trusty cooperative design tool called Figma makes an appearance. How does it work? Why does it make Lea’s and Verena’s life a lot easier? Are there alternatives? And will Lea’s participation certificate ever look as good as she wants it to? Last but not least: although Lea is more than ready but also extremely nervous to finally meet Tony Robbins during an impressive event marathon, there is one thing she definitely won’t forget. Take care of your belongings, otherwise suitcases or microphones might be missing in the end…

00:01:25 In the "Catchup" Lea is very excited about her upcoming Tony Robbins trip to Palm Springs and Verena talks about an important evening this week with lots of impressive women

00:09:36 In the "Deep dive" Lea and Verena share facts, learnings and impressions of their trip to Estonia and have the honour of interviewing the former Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid.

00:46:39 In "win of the week" they talk about a very special person and her company

00:53:38 In "Tool of the week" Lea and Verena share their insights and experiences with Figma. And Lea has the last word today.

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